Career coaching

Are you a talented rapper or a singer with a beautiful voice? Do you write poetry or short stories, paint, act or make films? Would you like to organise an event yourself or work freelance in the creative industry?

Zomba Arts Platform offers a special coaching programme of 5 sessions for you to map out your ambitions and dreams, and to explore ways how you make them come true.

Five conversations to clarify your goals and see if your goals are realistic and achievable. We map out your strengths and your learning points, and make a financial overview so that you know what you need at least to make ends meet. Together we look at what is needed to achieve your goals and we make a clear step-by-step plan.

There are hundreds of questions that cannot all be addressed in 5 sessions, but we can provide insight into the most important issues for you so that you better understand your options. This will help you know what you need to avoid being in situations where you have signed a contract to which you will be committed for years, will not earn a cent and / or your creative freedom will be restricted.

Matters that can be discussed

(Depending on your questions and goals)

– Insight into your own capabilities

  (core qualities)

– Do-it -yourself management

– What is success to you?

– Setting SMART objectives

– Finances and earning money with arts

– Promotion (networks, social media, EPK)

– Image building

– How does the creative industry work

  (publishing, copyright, contracts, etc.)

Annelies is a qualified career coach with more than 25 years experience working internationally in the creative industry. Contact

Open mic

The winner from the Open Mic sessions wins a membership incl. coaching