Late afternoon on Saturday 14th August, ZAP is having a fundraiser in Amsterdam-Oost. There will be drinks with a cash bar, live music and Malawi products for sale.
Fund raiser in Amsterdam-Oost
  • Some Malawi t-shirts (new and secondhand)
  • Namikango Coffee beans from Zomba (250g, medium roast)
  • Double layered cloth face masks
  • Cloth bunting
  • Music from Dali and poetry from Q
  • We have a lottery or bingo with beautiful prizes! Win Malawian music, macadamia nuts, artemesia tea, moringa powder and much more worth up to €100!
Raffle prizes

Koop lootjes en win mooie prijzen

Malawian macadamia nuts (worth €6)

Superfood moringa powder (€10)

Magical artemesia tea (€8,95) artemesia is used in Southern Africa against malaria but also against COVID-19

Dali’s album Munjira (€15)

Q Malewezi’s poetry book ‘Little Discoveries’ (€15) or CD (€8)

Makoka coffee beans (1kg, medium roast, €10)

Handmade bunting (flags) (€8)

Masks (€10)

Other events

ZAP organises open mic sessions in Zomba, an annual festival, workshops and much more.

Zomba talent

We are currently working on our website and will upload new events from September 2021. Sorry for the inconvenience.